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Sleep Max | 3- Pack Sleep Supplements

  • Backed by Science
  • Supports a Healthy Sleep Cycle
  • Promotes Calmness and Relaxation
  • Comprehensive Neurotransmitter Support
  • Nature based
  • Gluten-Free
  • Yeast-Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors

The Sleep Max formula increases natural melatonin production and promotes healthy sleep cycles to give you the restful sleep and relaxation your body needs. 

Benefits of Sleep Max

Sleep Max combines the clinically-proven benefits of 5-HTP, PharmaGABA, sunflower seeds and taurine.

  • Combines the benefits of the amino acid intermediate 5-HTP to increase natural melatonin production with the stress-reducing effects of PharmaGABA and magnesium
  • Helps reduce elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  • Supports a restful night's sleep by increasing levels of calming brain chemicals through the use of taurine
  • Sleep aid designed to support the quality of sleep and reduce the frequency of waking
  • Clinically-proven
  • Nature-based and backed by science
  • Gluten-free, yeast-free, dairy free, vegan; contains no soy, wheat, or artificial colors or flavors

Promotes healthy sleep cycles, calmness and relaxation

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A message from Dr. Nandi

Safe and Effective Sleep Support

Not many things are worse than tossing and turning all night long. If you're suffering from sleep disorders, you're far from alone. In today's stressful world, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says insomnia is so common it has reached epidemic levels. Sleep is so important because it's your body's way of metabolically and psychologically resetting itself. Without adequate sleep, you may experience decreased immune function, memory problems, lower productivity, reduced alertness, poor judgement, shorter attention spans, difficulty concentrating and more accident prone. Dr. Nandi's Sleep Max is your safe and effective solution to get the restorative sleep you need every night.

Sleep Max is a unique science-based formulation designed to help you overcome occasional sleep disturbances. Our comprehensive blend of natural ingredients provides amino acids and bioactive nutrients to boost your body’s sleep-regulating neurotransmitters. You'll enjoy more relaxation while optimizing sleep cycle regulation, allowing you to wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated, and ready to take on each new day.

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Clinically Proven Ingredients

Whenever possible, we believe in using Mother Nature's most potent ingredients backed by clinical studies. When an ingredient is “clinically studied," that means it's supported by the latest research, and throughly tested for efficacy, safety and transparency. So when we make claims about our Health Hero Pharmacy supplements and ingredients, you can trust they're backed by science.

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Key Ingredients You Can Trust

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5-HTP is the amino acid intermediate that converts directly into the calming brain chemical serotonin. 5-HTP and calcium help increase production of the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin for deep stages of restorative sleep.

PharmaGABA® & Magnesium

Naturally sourced PharmaGABA® promotes relaxing alpha brain waves to help soothe stress. Together with magnesium, PharmaGABA® calms the nervous system, resulting in an increased ability to fall asleep


Phosphatidylserine Phosphatidylserine reduces elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can contribute to frequent waking throughout the night.


An amino acid found abundantly in the brain, taurine supports a restful night’s sleep by increasing levels of the calming brain chemicals GABA and glycine.

Optimized for Absorption

Unlike our competitors, Health Hero supplementsare expertly formulated with time-tested techniquesfor maximum absorption. We use science-backed forms of everyingredientto ensureoptimal bioavailability, and so each formula is easy for your body to absorb for the most powerful and sustainable health benefits.

Our Customers are Health Heroes!

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