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Digestive Enzymes

  • Backed by Science
  • Expertly Formulated
  • Supports Healthy Digestion
  • Maximizes Nutrient Absorption
  • Improves Gastric Acid Balance
  • Relieves bloating & Indigestion
  • Gluten-Free
  • Yeast-Free
  • No Artificial Flavors

Supports healthy digestion, and maximizes nutrient absorption

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A message from Dr. Nandi

Digestive Enzymes for Gut Support

In today's hectic world, there are many reasons why so manypeople are suffering from digestive disorders. Some contributing factors include unhealthy fast and processed foods, increasedamounts of stress, and consuming foods that are frequently overcooked.  You may be experiencing symptoms of poor digeston,which can include bloating, gas, cramping, diarrhea, constipation and food sensitivities. As we age, the decline of enzyme production adversely impactsthe breakdown of your food into absorbable nutrients.  The result is suboptimal nutritional statusof vitamins and minerals, and insufficient enzyme activation in the stomach.

Digestive Enzymes is a comprehensive blend of acid-resistant,plant-based enzymes designed to help maximize the absorption of nutrients fromfood.  Each capsule contains specific enzymesclinically proven to aid in the digestion of protein, fats, starches, fiber,whey, soy, casein, plant-based foods, and other difficult to digest foods knownto cause problems.  You'll enjoy relieffrom digestive disturbances, and enjoy food with confidence again. 

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Clinically ProvenIngredients

Whenever possible, we believe in using Mother Nature's most potent ingredients backed byclinical studies. When an ingredient is “clinically studied," that meansit's supported by the latest research, and throughly tested for efficacy,safety and transparency. So when we make claims about our Health Hero Pharmacy supplementsand ingredients, you can trust they're backed by science.

DigestiveEnzymes contain potentenzymes and other ingredients proven to promote a healthy digestive system, withoutthe use of stimulating herbs or high doses of nutrients. They're designed towork synergistically with each other, which enhances their health-supportivebenefits.  Our science-backed formula issafe for anybody looking to strengthen their digestion, including elderlypatients, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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Key Ingredients You Can Trust

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13 Digestive Enzymes

Each capsule contains specific enzymes shown to help digest protein, fats, starches, fibers, soy, whey, casein, and plant-based foods. They help to turn vital nutrients into substances that your digestive tract can easily absorb, which unlocks more nutrition from food.

Gentian and Artichoke

Stimulates the body's own digestive process for optimal digestive capacity. They also promote natural enzymes in the stomach, the production of bile, and assist enzymes in breaking down fats.

Optimized for Absorption

Unlike our competitors, Health Hero supplements are expertly formulated with time-tested techniques for maximum absorption. We use science-backed forms of every ingredient to ensure optimal bioavailability, and so each formula is easy for your body to absorb for the most powerful and sustainable health benefits.

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