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Youth Collagen

  • Promotes Healthy Connective Tissue Biosynthesis
  • Supports Cartilage, Tendon, and Ligament Self-Repair
  • Maintains Joint Lubrication and Cushioning
  • Promotes Normal Inflammatory Response
  • Rejuvenates Hair, Skin and Nails
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Dr. Nandi Explains Why Immune Health Is So Important

Complete Collagen Support

Collagen is a crucial element of your skin and connective tissues. Yet over time, lifestyle factors can cause reduced elasticity in cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and your skin. You may notice increased wrinkles, decreased dermal matrix strength, and soft tissue and joint discomfort. Collagen Youth helps to repair your skin and give it a youthful bounce, while improving overall connective tissue health.

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Clinically Proven Ingredients 

Whenever possible, we believe in using Mother Nature's most potent ingredients backed by clinical studies. When an ingredient is “clinically studied," that means it'ssupported by the latest research, and throughly tested for efficacy, safety and transparency. So when we make claims about our Health Hero supplements and ingredients, you can trust they're backed by science. 

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Key Ingredients You Can Trust

Collagen Youth

Collagen Youth includes three clinically studied ingredients to support the natural healing process, restore skin health, and maintain connective tissue structure. In a convenient and delicious powder form, Collagen Youth includes FORTIGEL®, Tendaxion® and Mobilee® that protect and preserve cartilage, tendons, ligaments, intervertebral discs, and fascia.

Optimized for Absorption

Unlike our competitors, Health Hero supplements are expertly formulated with time-tested techniques for maximum absorption. We use science-backed forms of every ingredient to ensure optimal bioavailability, and so each formula is easy for your body to absorb for the most powerful and sustainable health benefits.

Our Customers are Health Heroes!

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