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Sleep Max | Sleep Supplements
Sleep Max | Sleep Supplements
Sleep Max | Sleep Supplements
Sleep Max | Sleep Supplements
Sleep Max | Sleep Supplements
Sleep Max | Sleep Supplements
Sleep Max | Sleep Supplements
Sleep Max | Sleep Supplements

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Sleep Max | Sleep Supplements


SUPPORTS RESTORATIVE SLEEP Increases natural melatonin production and promotes healthy sleep cycles to give you the restful sleep and relaxation your body needs.

HELPS REDUCE elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol

SUPPORTS RESTFUL night's sleep by increasing levels of calming brain chemicals through the use of taurine

Expertly Designed Formulas Because Efficacy Matters

Sleep Max is one of the most comprehensive sleep formulas available on the market today

How does it work?

Sleep Max is a unique science-based formulation designed to help you overcome occasional sleep disturbances. Our comprehensive blend of natural ingredients provides amino acids and bioactive nutrients to boost your body’s sleep-regulating neurotransmitters. You'll enjoy more relaxation while optimizing sleep cycle regulation, allowing you to wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated, and ready to take on each new day.

Not many things are worse than tossing and turning all night long. If you're suffering from sleep disorders, you're far from alone. In today's stressful world, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says insomnia is so common it has reached epidemic levels. Sleep is so important because it's your body's way of metabolically and psychologically resetting itself.

Without adequate sleep, you may experience decreased immune function, memory problems, lower productivity, reduced alertness, poor judgement, shorter attention spans, difficulty concentrating and more accident prone.

Dr. Nandi's Sleep Max is your safe and effective solution to get the restorative sleep you need every night.

Why you'll love & trust us!

Using Mother Nature's most powerful aingredients
we design supplements that create significant change


Backed by science & clinically proven

Super CleanIngredients

Dairy, corn & soy free 

Thousands of reviews

When I was younger, I used to be able to sleep anywhere at any time. On a train, at a friend's house on their couch, you name it. Now that I'm older, I find myself having so much trouble. I wake up frequently and can't seem to shut my brain off. So I decided to try sleep max. I am sleeping like a baby. I am more relaxed and have an easier time falling asleep and staying asleep. It truly has saved my sanity.

Rita B

5 / 5 4 Reviews


Was surprised by my energy level

Blown away by my energy levels! I had no idea how much energy my body was using by staying in fight or flight mode. Adrenal support calmed my system down.

Marsha K


Adaptogens are amazing

I had no idea how effective adaptogens could be in balancing my system. I don't think I quite realized that I had exhausted my adrenals. I was so tired of being in fight or flight mode. Very grateful for adrenal support.

Susan F.


Adrenal fatigue is real

I started taking this adrenal support to help with my thyroid and they help me make it throughout the day, otherwise, I would be too exhausted to do anything but stay in bed watching tv. I find that it also just helps my body to rest when it really needs to rest in an overstimulating world that I supplement with countless cups of coffee.

Emily G.


Was tired of being so tired

I am a mom and a teacher, and I'm exhausted from always having to have high energy throughout my days. Taking this adrenal support supplement helps me to relax, I don't get as stressed as before, and I sleep better too. I have also lost some weight because Im no longer stress eating, and Ive only been taking it for a couple of months. Great for those who suffer from adrenal exhaustion, and I love how easy it is to order.

Farnoush P.

You Can Count On Us

100% Money Back GuaranteeTry out our products! Each order is backed by our 30-day money back guarantee.

We love our customers and are here for you on your health journey - reach out we want to know how we can help you

Make a Difference With Every Purchase

We believe that when you get health, you should give health back. We're proud to donate a percentage of all sales to charities that are working tirelessly to help the homeless and ending food scarcity. They are making the world a happier, healthier and more loving place.

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