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Vitamin K2 with D3
Vitamin K2 with D3
Vitamin K2 with D3
Vitamin K2 with D3
Vitamin K2 with D3
Vitamin K2 with D3

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Vitamin K2 with D3






3 FORMS OF HIGHLY ABSORBED MAGNESIUM for maximum absorption with no GI side effects

BOOSTS ATP PRODUCTION increasing energy levels

Expertly Designed Formulas Because Efficacy Matters

Vitamin K2 with D3 is one of the most comprehensive formulations available on the market today

How does it work?

While vitamin D has long been known to assist calcium absorption, it is vitamin K, through its carboxylation of osteocalcin, which guides this calcium to bones and prevents their absorption into organs, joint spaces and arteries. The latest scientific research is focusing on the synergistic relationship between vitamin K2 and vitamin D3, for optimal bone and cardiovascular health. Although most people consume adequate dietary vitamin K to maintain sufficient blood clotting, most do not consume enough to meet cardiovascular and bone health needs. In fact, approximately 70% of the western population is deficient in vitamin K2.

Current research shows the important synergistic relationship between Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3.(4) Taking Vitamin D3 with Vitamin K2 helps to ensure the calcium transported by the Vitamin D is absorbed by your bones where it's needed, rather than accumulating in deposits in your arteries.

There are two forms of vitamin K2 commonly used in supplements: MK-4 and MK-7. Our supplement contains the MK-7 form, which has been shown to have six times the activity of MK-4 in the blood. MK-7 has also been found to remain in the blood approximately nine times as long as the MK-4 (eight hours versus 72 hours), making it the optimal form of K2 for health. We've added MenaQ7® PRO to our science-based formula, which is backed by extensive research. Dr. Leon Schurgers, world-renowned expert in vitamin K2 as MK-7 research for cardiovascular and bone health, and his team of research scientists have conducted over 15 clinical trials on MenaQ7® PRO that prove its superior effectiveness. Dr. Nandi's Vitamin K2 with D3 provides your body with the essentials needed to improve cardiovascular and bone health.

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Using Mother Nature's most powerful aingredients
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Thousands of reviews

The capsules are easy to take and making sure I get enough vitamin D is especially important considering I dont get outside much and live in an area where we dont get a lot of sunshine, especially in the winter months. If you are calcium-deficient, like me, youll love that K2 and D3 work together to help move the calcium out of the arteries and to the bones where you really need it. Works so much better taking it in a combination like this rather than taking the two vitamins separately. Plus, the cost is just right.

Emily R.

5 / 5 4 Reviews


Keeps insulin under control

I have type 2 diabetes, and this combo supplement works to help lower my insulin levels and has even helped me lose some weight which my GP is very happy about. Weve also talked about my heart health, and he suggested taking something with K2 as well as D3 to support my cardiovascular system. Ordering was efficient and I have no complaints.

Jerry S.


Decreased Pain

I suffer from osteoporosis, and my doctor told me that these two vitamins can help as vitamin D3 helps with calcium absorption and vitamin K helps with overall bone health. So, having them together in one supplement is so much easier and less of a worry for me about forgetting. I have even found that my teeth feel stronger than before, and I have fewer aches and pains.

Chris W.


I know I am doing my body good

My doctor recommended I start taking K2 with D3 to help with balancing my glucose and improve my bone health. I definitely notice a difference with my glucose and my doctor says my bones will thank me! Thanks for making such a high quality supplement.

Frank R.


Cardiologist Recommended

I was referred to a cardiologist for cardiovascular disease. The first thing he did was get me on a Magnesium supplement. He said in his practice he found that a lot of people diagnosed with CVD were deficient in Magnesium and all they needed was to make sure managed there magnesium levels. It was like a miracle, I don't know why more doctors are not talking about this. Dr. Nandi's magnesium supplement is fantastic I can take ti without any stomach upset unlike many other magnesiums on the market.

Mark W.

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