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At Health Hero Pharmacy...

Be Your Best You.

We're Dedicated to Providing the Best LTC for Our Community

Health Hero Pharmacy is deeply committed to improving the current pharmacy model as an all-encompassing patient centered experience. Pharmacists are highly knowledgeable, but are often an underutilized asset in healthcare teams. We're allowing them a more active role in providing safer and more effective healthcare for our senior loved ones, and others who require a more customized approach. We hope you'll join us in reinventing long term care pharmacy, so you can live your healthiest and happiest life!

How Our LTC Works

Our LTC helps patients who rely on continuous medications and other customized care for their medical needs. Unlike a retail pharmacy, we can help you more effectively monitor and manage your health over time, and ensure you get all your specialized medications in a timely manner.

We're proud to provide superior on-time, personalized, and locally based LTC to seniors and residents of retirement and group home facilities of every type and size. Our individualized and care centered LTC services are especially helpful for people with chronic conditions, as we can help reduce the number of doctor and hospital visits.

Enjoy Personalized Service

At Health Hero Pharmacy, our mission is to improve patient outcomes with our superior long term care services. Our LTC pharmacists will take the time to thoroughly understand your medical history and unique needs. They are readily accessible to listen to and address all your healthcare needs and offer medication advice that will give you the most effective results. We can handle much of the regular testing you would get from your doctor, making it easier and more convenient to monitor your health.

Why Choose Health Hero Pharmacy for Your LTC Needs?

Complimentary services include...

  • Emar system for LTC facilities
  • Personalized, responsive service
  • Dedicated pharmacists
  • Blister packaging (single or multi-dose)
  • Home delivery
  • Vaccine clinics (at your location)
  • Customer Success Manager for your account
  • Expert consultations
  • Emergency deliveries including After Hours
  • Medicare Open Enrollment

We also offer...

  • Compound medications
  • Specialty medications
  • Dr. Nandi's comprehensive supplement line
  • Colonoscopy prep kits
  • Over-the-counter wellness items

For more information, contact Julie Yost at (586) 255-9648


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